Crushed Gravel

Approximately half sand and half stone. The stone used in the mixture is ¾” minus in size and both crushed and round are used. ‘A’ Gravel is a base material used laneways, parking lots and roads.

2″ Screened ‘B’ Gravel

2” minus round stone and sand mixture. Used as a sub base material under concrete slabs, roads, laneways and parking lots. Other Spec ‘B’ Gravel available upon request.

Cement Gravel

Mix of concrete sand, ¼” – ½” round stone and ¾” crushed stone. Cement gravel is a premix of gravel so you just have to add water and cement powder.

Recycled Materials

Recycled Asphalt

¾” and minus ground up asphalt chunks. Recycled asphalt is used for laneways and pathways.

Recycled Concrete (4” minus)

Sand mixed with up to 5” pieces of concrete. Used for a sub base for laneways, parking lots and roads. Recycled concrete can also be used for mud holes and barn yards.

2” Minus Woodchips/Mulch

Ground up wood products such as stumps, limbs, branches and pallets. 2”- 3” shredded wood material and dark in colour. Great for ground cover in landscaping. Used around trees and shrubs to help hold moisture and used to resist weeds from growing through.



Filter Media Sand

Evenly sized coarse sand to pebble like material. Used for filter beds.

Asphalt Sand

Various sizes of washed sand. Used for blending into asphalt mixes, base material for paving stone sidewalks and winter sand for traction on snow and ice.

Concrete Sand

Washed Sand with various sizes of sand.  Concrete sand can be blended into concrete mixes, used for horse riding arenas and under paving stones.

Fine Sand

Washed sand. Very fine sand soft to the touch. No Stone or pebbles. Fine Sand can be used for bedding around fiberoptics and electrical cables, dairy cattle bedding and as a backfill material.

Winter Sand

Washed or dry screened sand. Used on ice or snow covered roads and lanes for traction.

Sand Fill

Unscreened material and may vary in size and material. Used as a backfilling material.

Mortar Sand

Washed sand. Used in mortar mixes for brick laying. Mortar sand can also be used for volleyball courts, sand boxes, livestock bedding, and bedding for underground electrical wires.

Sand Trap Sand

Washed Sand. Used in golf course bunkers.


80/20 Green Mix

Two way mix of sand and muck. Greens mix is used for top dress of putting greens and tee blocks.

Top Soil #1 Screened

Blend of topsoil, sand and compost. Great for flower beds and establishing lawns. Also great for leveling existing lawns of ruts and tire tracks.


¾” – 1 ½” Round Stone

Washed stone. Used for landscaping and as drainage stone in septic beds.

½” – ¾” Round Stone

Washed Stone. This round stone is used for landscaping, drainage and under basement floors.

¼” – ½” Round Stone

Washed stone. Used on laneways, landscaping, drainage and around drainage tile.

¾” Crushed Stone

Clean stone. Used for several applications including under and behind retaining walls, on laneways, under and behind armour stone and for landscaping.

Chips and Dust

Fine dust to 1/8” – ¼” stone chips. Chips and Dust packs great for placing pavers, interlocking brick or stone. Also levels easily and provides drainage to prevent lifting.

4” – 10” Quarry Stone

4” – 10” in size. Great for erosion control, control washouts from water flow and landscaping. Quarry Stone is also used in gabion baskets and used as coarse drainage stone.

Inland Quarry Stone

4” – 16” in size. Inland crushed stone is used for erosion and washout control, under outlets of drainage tile, landscaping, drainage, deep washouts on laneways, besides culverts and landscape ponds.

Shot Rock

4” – 36” in size. Also known as coarse rip rap. Used for landscaping and erosion control.

Large 1’ – 6’ decorative stone available. Please call the office for more details.