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Getting to know you and your land

Van Bree's Pro Division caters to Southern Ontario's farm drainage needs by way of systematic and random tiling systems, berms, culverts, and ditch construction. We are a design/build company that predesigns every project with sophisticated software. Top of the line GPS is used for installation while maintaining 30" depth on laterals. Van Bree's is at the forefront of the industry and is known for quality workmanship and quick and effective repairs when needed


Narrow Tile Shoe Reduces 
Trench Size
Longer Growing Season
plow pic 1_edited.jpg
Increased Soil Temperature
Better Established Root System
Less Risk of Crop Loss
Excavators Reduce Compaction
Surface Water Control
Water Table Control
Pro pic 1_edited.jpg
Leaves Smooth Trenches
Increased Crop Yields
Erosion Control
Markers Installed at Each Outlet Tapped Tees Result in Smaller
Connection Holes
PRO 2.jpg

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