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At V.B. Sand & Gravel, we have over 55 years of experience ensuring that every construction, landscaping, or agricultural drainage project starts with the best materials available. Our comprehensive range of aggregate products and dedicated services cater to a variety of industry needs, from construction and landscaping to golf courses and property management.



Specialty Sands

Including Concrete Sand, Bedding Sand, Brick Sand and Filter Media Sand, designed for specific construction and filtration needs

Gravel Varieties

Including specialty types like A Gravel and B Gravel, each suited for different levels of construction subgrade.

Comprehensive Service

From bulk material delivery and site works to aggregate recycling and custom requests, V.B. Sand & Gravel is “Laying the ground work to make life easier!”


A Gravel.jpg

Crushed Gravel / "A" Gravel

Approximately 50% sand and 50% stone. The stone used in the mixture is ¾”  and smaller in size, and both crushed and round stone are used. ‘A’ Gravel is a base material used for laneways, parking lots and roads.


Laneways        Parking Lots         Roads

B Gravel.jpg

2" Screened
"B" Gravel

2” and smaller round stone and sand mixture. Used as a sub-base material under concrete slabs, roads, laneways and parking lots. Custom specifications for "B" Gravel are available upon request to meet diverse project needs.


Concrete Slabs          Parking Lots      

Laneways          Roads

Cement Gravel
Cement Sand.jpg

Cement Gravel

This ready-to-use mix combines concrete sand, ¼” – ½” round stones, and ¾” crushed stones at a ratio of 70% sand to 30% stone. Ideal for quick concrete setups, simply add water and cement powder to VB’s cement gravel for a reliable mixture.


Road Construction         Driveways     

Landscaping        Drainage        Retaining Walls


Brick Sand
Brick Sand_Mortar Sand

Brick Sand / Mortar Sand

Washed fine sand ideal for mortar mixes and bricklaying.This high-quality sand is cleaned to remove impurities, ensuring a smooth and consistent texture that enhances the workability of your mortar. Its fine particles provide excellent bonding properties, making it ideal for creating strong, durable mortar joints.

asphalt Sand
Asphalt Sand.jpg

Asphalt Sand

Various sizes of fine-grain washed sand. Used for blending into asphalt mixes, and as a base material for paving stone sidewalks. Free from impurities, and carefully graded for consistent quality. The fine particles make it ideal for blending into asphalt mixes and providing a smooth finish, while consistent grading ensures uniformity in size, essential for a stable and durable asphalt mixture.

Concrete Sand
Concrete Sand.jpg

Concrete Sand / Equestrian Sand

Washed Sand with various sizes of grains. Concrete sand is a versatile material suitable for multiple applications. It's an essential component for concrete mixes, ensuring a strong and durable final product. Concrete sand is also ideal for horse riding arenas, offering a stable and comfortable surface with good drainage. It's also perfect for use under paving stones, providing a solid base layer that ensures stability and longevity.

Sand Fill
Sand Fill.jpg

Sand Fill / Backfill

Unscreened material that may vary in size and material. Our sand fill is ideal for foundation support, retaining walls, drainage tiling, pipe and utility installation and the construction of retaining structures.

Fine Sand
Inland Pit Sand.jpg

Fine Sand / Livestock Sand / Leisure Sand

Very fine, washed sand that’s soft to the touch and is low-packing. No stone or pebbles. Fine sand can be used for bedding around fibre optics and electrical cables, as well as for dairy cattle bedding, sandboxes, and volleyball courts. V.B Sand & Gravel has two different fine sands available: Inland Pit fine sand and Bingo Pit fine sand. They vary slightly in texture as they have been extracted from different sand deposits.

Raised bedding Sand
Raised Bed Sand.jpg

Raised Bedding Sand

Fine sand that has a T time (transmission time) of 6-10 minutes - meaning water will drain within 6-10 minutes. This product is ideal for septic systems and both residential and commercial projects, V.B’s  Raised Bedding Sand is a reliable option for any construction or landscaping requirement that demands superior drainage properties.

Arena Sand
Arena Sand.jpg

Arena Sand

A mix of finely graded sands. Dry-screened or washed for low dust applications dependent on requirements. Ideal for horse riding arenas.
(Please also see Concrete Sand/Equestrian Sand)

Filter Media Sand
Filter Media sand.jpg

Filter Media Sand

Evenly sized coarse sand to pebble-like material specifically designed to meet the diverse requirements of filter beds. This specialized sand is ideal for various filtration applications, ensuring efficient and effective performance.

Bedding Sand
Bedding Sand.jpg

Bedding Sand

Various sizes of washed sand. This product is coarser than regular sand. It is ideal as a bed for under sewer water pipes and as a final levelling layer in bases for patio stones, interlocking brick/pavers, under sidewalks, patios and driveways.

Sand Trap Sand
Sand Trap Sand.jpg

Sand Trap Sand

V.B.'s Sand Trap Sand is a top-quality, washed sand that provides a clean, crisp look for golf course bunkers and sand traps. Excellent playability with fine, evenly washed grains for smooth, predictable shots. Its superior drainage properties help maintain the condition of the bunkers, ensuring they stay in top shape even in wet conditions.

Winter Sand
Winter Sand.jpg

Winter Sand

Available in both washed and dry screened forms, this sand is applied on snow and ice-covered surfaces to enhance traction and ensure safety during winter conditions. Typically coarse and angular, winter sand grips the ice and snow more effectively than finer, smoother sand.


Chip and dust
Chips & Dust.jpg

Chips and Dust

Fine dust to ⅛" - ¼" stone chips. Chips and Dust packs very well, ideal for placing pavers, interlocking brick, or stone. Also, levels easily and provides drainage to prevent lifting.

3/4"-11/2" round

¾" – 1½" Round Stone

Washed stone, used for landscaping and as drainage stone in septic beds.

1/4"-1/2" Round

¼" – ½" Round Stone

Washed stone, used on laneways, landscaping, drainage, and around drainage tile.

1/2"-3/4" Round Stone

½" – ¾" Round Stone

Washed stone, used on laneways, landscaping, drainage, and around drainage tile.

3/4" Crushed

¾" Crushed Stone

This clean crushed stone is a multipurpose material used under and behind retaining walls and armour stone, on laneways, and in various landscaping applications.

3"-6" Quarry Stone

3" – 6" Quarry Stone

Large stones used for controlling erosion, managing water flow washouts, and enhancing landscapes. They're also effective in gabion baskets and as coarse drainage stone.

6"-12" Quarry Stone

6" – 12" Quarry Stone

These substantial stones are crucial for erosion control, under drainage tile outlets, and for managing deep washouts in laneways, around culverts, and in landscape ponds.

Shot Rock

Shot Rock / Riprap

Sized 4" - 36"  Coarse riprap, or shot rock, is used extensively in landscaping and for robust erosion control.

River Stone

River Stone

Multi-coloured and smooth textured, our river stone is beautiful and a favourite for nurseries and landscapers. Environmentally respectful, V.B. river stone is quarried from paleochannels, which are ancient river and stream beds that no longer contain water.


1' – 6' Decorative Stone

Our large decorative stones, ranging from 1 to 6 feet, are available upon request. Ideal for striking landscape features. Please call the office for more details!

Top Soil 1


Topsoil No.1.jpg

Top Soil #1 Screened

This premium mixture of topsoil, sand, and compost is excellent for flower beds, establishing new lawns, and levelling existing lawns to smooth out ruts and tire tracks.

80/20 greenmix
80 20 Greenmix.jpg

80/20 Green-mix

A two-way mix of sand and muck. Ready to support a broad range of landscaping and restoration projects. Also used by golf courses as a top dressing for tee blocks and putting greens, promoting healthy growth and resilience.




Whether you're working  with a new construction site or a remediation project, V.B. Sand & Gravel provides personalised consultations to help you select the ideal aggregate materials. Our team has extensive knowledge of the area and your industry, and will visit project sites to assess and recommend the best solutions tailored to your project's specifications.


We handle both supply and removal of materials. Whether it’s delivering aggregates or managing topsoil at your site, V.B. Sand & Gravel will be as efficient and cost-effective as possible. We also cater to both ends of the service spectrum, from material delivery to recycling and soil management, ensuring a seamless process.



We pride ourselves on being easy to reach and responsive. Most inquiries begin with a phone call and can quickly move to a site visit or detailed consultation to assess specific needs. We also provide detailed descriptions of our products online and are prepared to explain the use and benefits of each to ensure you make the best choices for your project. Want to get started? You can also fill out the contact form and start the conversation.


V.B. Sand & Gravel expert services are scalable. We’ve managed everything from local deliveries for nurseries and golf courses to major municipal and infrastructure projects. We have the resources and the expertise to scale operations according to your requirements.


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With the information provided in this form, the V.B. Sand & Gravel team will be better prepared for our conversation - We look forward to talking with you!


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With the information provided in this form, the V.B. Sand & Gravel team will be better prepared for our conversation - We look forward to talking with you!

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We pride ourselves on our customer service, offering personalised consultations to ensure you have the best aggregates for your project.

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